Berry Gordy’s son Rockwell attacked a woman because she approached him for payment.  Rockwell (real name: Kennedy Gordy) had been staying at the Magic Castle Hotel, located in Hollywood right next door to the famous Magic Castle private nightclub.  Gordy, was arrested November 29, 2018, after the incident went down and was booked on a felony charge with $30,000 bail.  The woman was working for the Gordy at the time, and along with being physically and verbally abusive, he owed her money.  Apparently, he became irate after the payment request and attacked her with a chair, resulting in serious injuries including a broken arm. The 54-year-old singer ended up spending a couple nights in jail before he was released on the morning of December 1.

The woman has undergone one surgery and she needs to go under the knife again to repair the extensive damage to her arm. On January 7, she filed a lawsuit against Rockwell in Los Angeles for personal injury and claims her damages exceed $25,000.  The troubled singer has multiple criminal cases open at the moment, including one for criminal threats and another for indecent exposure and lewd acts. He has not yet been to court over the alleged chair beating.  Best known for his 80s hit song, “Somebody’s Watching Me,”  Rockwell is the son of Motown magnate Berry Gordy, Jr and his former girlfriend Margaret Norton.  He is one of the music mogul’s eight children,

Rockwell was also arrested in 2015 after attacking his housekeeper for taking too long to make a sandwich.  The singer is said to have lost his temper after his worker took too long to prepare his lunch at his home in Los Angeles.  He is accused of hitting the female worker due to his rage over the slow preparation of his meal.  The housekeeper called the police over the incident at Rockwell’s home in the upmarket coastal Venice area, and is said to have ended up being dragged from his property in handcuffs after officers attended the scene.




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