Kelechi Cosmos Emeh, a 32-year-old Nigerian man living in Queensland, Australia, has been charged after allegedly posing as a U.S soldier and forming a romantic relationship with a woman who sent him $370,000.

Kelechi appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday where it was revealed he had also been accused of trying to get the victim to send him a further $170,000 before officers swooped and arrested him at his Durack home on Thursday. .

The suspect, who is in the country on a student visa, allegedly received the money over the course of three months from the 34-year-old Brisbane woman, who later contacted police and sparked the investigation. .

According to his defence lawyer, the accused has been in Australia for two years. He had rented a Durack home with his partner, a permanent citizen, since entering the country. .

The woman became involved with him on a social media platform in October 2018, while he was claiming to be a US soldier in Syria.


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