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Nigerian Exorcism Victim Tied Up And Killed By Own Family Over Evil Spirit Fears In The U.K


A 26-year-old Nigerian marketing executive, Kennedy Ife, was killed by his family after they tied him up and performed an “exorcism” on him, a court has heard. .

Mistakenly believing him to be “possessed by evil spirits”, Kennedy’s parents and brothers set about “curing” him with prayer and restraint, jurors were told. .

They allegedly used cable ties, rope and handcuffs to restrain the “vulnerable” man at home in Enfield, north London, in the days before his death in August 2016.

Kennedy’s parents, Kenneth and Josephine, and five brothers Roy, Harry, Colin, Samuel and Daniel are on trial at the Old Bailey accused of his manslaughter.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC said: “They decided that he should be restrained in his own home with them rather than calling 999.

The family put misguided religious beliefs about this young man being possessed by a demon or evil spirits, before the obvious and common sense conclusion that he needed help and did not need to be restrained.”

Little said the Ife family held deep and unusual religious beliefs, described by one of the defendants as “charismatic Christians”.

The court heard a post-mortem examination revealed more than 60 injuries on Kennedy’s body, including a possible bite. A pathologist concluded a number of them were consistent with “forceful restraint”.

His father, Kenneth, who is based in Nigeria, was found to have a bite injury to the shoulder while four of the brothers also had minor injuries. Trial continues. 📷: central news


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