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Free Beat – Insane [Produced by Eminik]


Free Beat - Insane [Produced by Eminik]

The super emerging record producer Eminik gives away yet another mind-blown beat – his much anticipated new release “Insane”. This is the track we have been looking forward to since his Licensing Agreement signing with MTV in October 2013.

“Insane” is the official soundtrack that the Nigerian- British producer (Eminik) have created to introduce a whole new dimension to Afro-beat Music, fusing in strong elements of Electronic sounds which is called “Electronic Afro-beat”.

This is the first time a new sub-genre has been introduced in the history of Afro-beat music. Eminik is the major pioneer of this new genre, a very modern and energetic form of Afrobeats with a universal/international vibe.

It’s called “Insane” because of the nature of the track, its dance properties and unusual fusion of Afrobeat with Electronic music (so it all portrays a crazy combination). Eminik has decided to give this away to all Afro-beat artists/fans across the globe as a Free Beat.

A good way of supporting them with new type of sound that they can make a song with for promotional use. So get familiar with this audacious masterpiece & discover a new trend.

(Download Free Beat Here)


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