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Adulterous Wife Goes Into Hiding As Husband, Lover Fight Over Paternity Of Baby


What a mess! A married woman, Mrs. Feyintola Babalola has gone into hiding after a legal paternity battle broke out between two men she engaged in secret romance in Lagos.

She was said to have engaged her husband, Babalola, and her lover, Abiodun Ibrahim, in love affairs to the extent that they both had steady access to her, but did not know each other until recently.
According to PM Express, Ibrahim was the first to meet and propose to marry Feyintola. They then got very intimate and she became pregnant for him but eventually opted for Babalola and got married to him.

All the while, she still maintained both relationships; secretly met both men, made them to believe that they were responsible for the pregnancy and they took care of her.

Trouble, however, started when she was delivered of the baby and Ibrahim visited to see his son, but ended up being arrested by Mr. Babalola, who accused him of r*ping and abducting his wife and the baby.

At the station, Ibrahim told the police that despite the fact that Feyintola was staying in Babalola’s house at Bola Street in Ebute Metta, Lagos, he was the one that impregnated her and both of them knew before she married.

He explained to the police that before and after she put to bed, he had been taking care of her and the baby and only visited the place to see his newborn baby as the father.He challenged both the police and Babalola to carry out a DNA test to know who owns the baby. However, the police still charged him before the Ebute Metta for r*pe and abduction.

The court did not take his plea after the prosecutor, Inspector Miram Dauda, asked the Court to refer the matter to the DPP for advice. Thus, the Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. A.O. Ajibade, ordered his remand in prison custody and directed the prosecutor to duplicate the file and send to the DPP.


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