Beautiful singer, Adokiye who is also a UN Ambassador for Peace has revealed in a chat with Vanguard that she does not believe in love and will remain a virgin till she finds the right man.

The delectable “Love You Better” and “Kulumo” singer, famed for posting raunchy semi-nude pictures several months ago spoke to Ayo Onikoyi of Vanguard recently..


When asked why she was sounding like she had been heartbroken in her past relationship, she said no “I really don’t like love, I’m a career person, what I have for everyone including guys, is ‘Agape love’. Love is wicked and there is no real love, I’m young and living the life. Until I see one, I’m happy like this.I have seen enough of fake love around me to be cautious of whom i will give my heart to, she said.

While also reacting to a question about her sex life, she insisted she’s still a virgin – saying “Haba, what is a young girl getting laid for. I’m still a virgin. Haven’t you seen a pretty virgin before? If you don’t believe me, you have seen one today. Any man that buys my mum the private jet I promised her, wins my heart” she said.


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