Beazy - Crazy

Indie hip-hop artist Beazy, returns with a special edition of #BeazyMusicMonday, titled ‘ElimiNation’.

With the Nigerian general elections coming up in a few weeks time, Beazy, for the next four weeks, will be using this platform to give voice to some of the numerous issues plaguing Nigeria today.

This edition of #BeazyMusicMonday kicks off with a track titled ‘Crazy’. Beazy is both smooth and feisty on an equally smooth, jazz inspired, Scarecrow Beats production as he tackles an array of issues ranging from child marriage, corrupt politicians, homosexuality and the missing Chibok girls, to name but a few.

His impeccable storytelling approach to music makes ‘Crazy’ a thought provoking, yet fun, song to enjoy as you relax and unwind.

Listen to: Beazy – Crazy.



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