A 42-year-old South African man Ntswelengoe Radebe from Tlhabane near Rustenburg, North West, said he’s second in command to God.

“I’m the real Son of Man,” he said.“I try to make people listen to me, but they don’t understand what I’m trying to tell them.

“I was the first person to be created and I will be the last to die.”Ntswelengoe said he has met other priests, but they are too stubborn to hear his message.

He said the Bible verses that make mention of the Messiah refer to him.

“I want my story to be told so people know their saviour is here,” he told the People’s Paper.He said he used to work as an engineer and supervisor but resigned to pursue his divine mission.

He lives with his mother Jane (67) and two siblings in a four-roomed house.

Jane, a sangoma, said she didn’t want to comment about her son’s claims.She said everyone has their own beliefs.


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